Meet the owner

My name is Joel Gregg and I'm excited for your interest in improving or maintaining your fitness level! I am an accountant by trade and know full-well the sedentary lifestyle most of us lead.  We live in a fast-paced culture that challenges us to carve out a workout routine in our busy schedules.  When we do decide to get (or stay) fit, we don't need a crowded gym that closes for holidays, maintenance, or group lessons to interfere with our commitment.  


I was active in my teens and 20's and always had an interest in physical fitness. But then our two sons were born and my wife and I were busy establishing the Jubilee Dental Centre and physical fitness was put on the back burner.  That was until I sprained the ligaments in my knee playing hockey one night and I realized that my sons and business needed a fit father and manager!  I don't have much time to workout, so when I find it I need the gym to be open and the equipment to be available!  I couldn't find a solution in Summerland that met my needs and we had the vacant space in our basement so I decided to create the Jubilee Fitness Club.


My personal workout time in the gym is between 5-7 am.  During week days, I'm usually in the Jubilee Dental Centre, but may be driving our sons to school, music lessons, or field trips.    


Be sure to check out the Additional Info page for links to resources that may help to improve your fitness level.

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