After a complete renovation, the Jubilee Fitness Club opened in July 2013.  The gym is beneath the Jubilee Dental Centre and offers natural lighting through skylights above the change bench and storage compartments.  Total area is approximately 1,200 sq feet with a 9' ceiling and a bathroom including shower, toilet, and sinks.  All equipment was purchased brand new from Rocky Mountain Fitness in Kelowna.  

fitness centre


Two True treadmills, two Octane ellipticals, two Vision bikes, and a Concept2 rowing machine are sure to get your heart pumping!  All are commercial-grade and maintained to ensure they're ready to provide the challenge your body is asking for.  

fitness centre

The Inspire Smith Cage System (SCS) and the Inspire M5 are waiting to flex your muscles!  Either will offer your body a complete and total workout.  The M5 offers two independent weight stacks that allow for two simultaneous users.  The SCS offers a fixed squat rack, two weight stacks, height-adjustable pulleys, pull-up bar, and bench press.  

fitness centre

Don't let the machines intimidate you!  You can flex all your muscles simply with the free weights.  In addition to a full rack of dumbbells, there is also a curl bar, plates, resistance bands, weighted balls, exercise balls, Bosu ball, benches, mats, and a jump rope.